From Allison Iantosca "Women in Construction" Pt 3 08182018 | Remodel Revolution
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From Allison Iantosca “Women in Construction” Pt 3 08182018

From Allison Iantosca “Women in Construction” Pt 3 08182018

Thank You Allison for being such an amazing lady!

Hi Alex,

Having never done that before…! I’ve been thinking about it since we hung up. I have no idea if it was a “good interview”— I hope so— but it really meant a lot to me to have my story reflected back and to have you ask the questions that you did thus somehow solidifying the golden nugget pieces of my journey. I have always just followed my nose (and my gut) and you helped me give it a sense of purpose and a lot of pride. What a lovely and unexpected gift. Thank you! You are very good at what you do and I’m guessing you love it. That’s the best!!

Have a terrific end of the summer. Hope to meet you in person someday.

All my best always,


Allison Iantosca, Owner/President
(617) 512-5851 •