"Women in Construction" Pt1 Pink Belts Roofing Robyne Garten | Remodel Revolution
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“Women in Construction” Pt1 Pink Belts Roofing Robyne Garten

“Women in Construction” Pt1 Pink Belts Roofing Robyne Garten

Q. Is it hard coming into a new country and starting a new business? Not if you have a great plan! RG

I came upon Pink Belts Roofing and Robyne Garten from a referral from my friend Gary Neidert when I was pitching the idea of this podcast series to him. A quick google search and email to Robyne and much to my delight a quick response. She was in fact going to be coming through my neck of the woods in a few weeks and could stop by the radio station and do a live interview. How much more lucky could I get? Well it turns out that Robyne Garten is a dynamic woman, driven to succeed, with a master plan and a passion to win! Robyne wants to empower women and build a world class company that stretches from Canada to Texas to Louisiana to Georgia and Florida, and that’s just for starters. Robyne is more than construction, Robyne is about empowerment for all that are in her orbit, her energy is as powerful as her beauty and she doesn’t come across as a women that will accept anything less than success.


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Pink Belts Roofing is a locally owned and operated roofing and construction company proudly serving customers from St. Albert, Edmonton, & surrounding areas. We provide expert and professional roofing services for your home or strata, including quality roofing, vinyl siding, and interior renovations.

Pink Belts works hard to complete projects on time, within budget, and to proper building code specifications. We do this consistently by closely managing projects, adhering to strict safety guidelines, and by offering the highest quality workmanship and products around.

You want the best quality materials and workmanship because your home is your biggest asset. Not only do we provide the industry’s best warranty, but our quality craftsmanship is second to none. You get peace of mind knowing that your home will only increase in value when putting on a new roof with Pink Belts.

During Robyn’e’s journey through the male-dominated construction industry, she became aware of Roof Surgens Ltd., a highly regarded construction company that employs mostly men. She had met many female workers in the construction industry, and the idea for Pink Belts was born at the intersection of finding Roof Surgens Ltd. and her connection with other female construction workers. Robyn’e saw a market that didn’t recognize these highly skilled and talented female tradeswomen, and opened Pink Belts as a way to allow women from all trade areas to excel and succeed in a male-dominated industry.