This Weeks Commentary - August 25, 2018 | Remodel Revolution
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This Weeks Commentary – August 25, 2018

This Weeks Commentary – August 25, 2018

Patience is the word this week

So I have 2 clients I’m doing too pretty good size projects for. One is living in the house and one is living off site. The one living in the house is pressing me because they want me to get finished because I’m making a huge mess and I’ve only just started literally within the last few weeks. And they want to celebrate T-DAY in their new kitchen. The one living off site is pressing me because they want to get back in their house because it’s taken so long to do the project not because of me, I’m contractor #2.They want to be finished in time to – you guessed it celebrate T-DAY in their newly remodeled home. NEWS FLASH! Everybody wants to be finished so they can have holiday meals in their homes in their new kitchens. And every contractor in this town probably in this country is hearing the same thing from their clients. It’s the pre holiday rush and it’s only August. Wait until they start calling in September woo! I’ve explained to people as I always have to that I can only control so much of a schedule on a remodel and these days we’re so busy we can only control so much of the schedule anyway. Between labor shortages material shortages and challenges and just the amount of work going on right now in this amazing economy it’s very very difficult to accurately predict a schedule. We are all at the mercy of the people that work for us 2 a point.So at the risk of sounding like an excuse maker, which I hate, the realities are and always have been that things happen that none of us can control and we must be patient even when it hurts. So my advice is don’t make plans to celebrate the holidays in your home that’s under construction until it’s finished because you never know what’s gonna happen.

If you haven’t started your remodel by now it won’t be finished until after the 1st of the year. How do I know this? We lose 3-6 weeks of productive time between November and January due to holidays and depending on weather it can be more. So depending on the type of project you’re doing you will need to be very very patient!

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