"1st Generation Americans in Construction" | Remodel Revolution
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“1st Generation Americans in Construction”

“1st Generation Americans in Construction”

We are all from somewhere else, some other country, some other tradition, some other language, a multicultural society that came together to form the greatest nation on earth. Just like air conditioning running water and electricity it’s easy to forget about how we got here and take it for granted, how this country was built, who built it and why. As we become accustomed to the conveniences that we’ve discovered and built in our history we’ve become less and less in touch with the basic question “How did it happen” What sort of sacrifices were made by the people who came here and to this day the many more people that want to come here.

The ultimate achievement for any man any place in the world is to provide for his family and that includes a home, feeding his family, and providing safety and security for his family. For many people over history this is not only been a struggle, for many they saw it as an impossibility. They were driven to the brink of leaving everything behind moving to a new country where they did not know the language or the customs and creating a new life for their families. All our ancestors did this very thing one way or another and formed the United States of America the greatest country on earth.

Fortunately, I have been able through my business associates in construction meet and friend many such people over the years. The home building industry and remodeling industry are ground zero for people that have basic skills and don’t necessarily come from a society that offers opportunities for higher education. The construction industry is a melting pot of people from all over the world that can get a good paying job without a college degree, anybody can get into the trades and have a chance for a good life and it attracts people from all over for that reason.

This series that I’m embarking on “First Generation Americans in Construction” is my way of celebrating the hard work and dedication people from all over the world bring to this country to make our world better. The people that I’m interviewing for this podcast series are people that I work with every day or have known through the trades, they have given up everything they had from where they came and relocated here to this country to start over. A compelling story foreshadows all these people, exactly the same way it did my great grandfather when he moved here from Scotland with his 7 kids and no wife in 1880.