Green Remodeling Tip : Choose Locally Sourced Materials | Remodel Revolution
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Green Remodeling Tip : Choose Locally Sourced Materials

Green Remodeling Tip : Choose Locally Sourced Materials

Choosing an eco-friendly product is great, but if it has to be shipped across the country, it’s hard to say it’s truly green. Buying locally sourced materials requires far less energy to get the products to your door. Additionally, local professionals are a valuable resource, as their knowledge of nearby communities, the types of homes in the area and even the local climate can be very useful to you and your project.

“Use materials that are locally sourced and fit your home. What works in Phoenix often won’t in Philadelphia, but it can also vary from home to home. The solution for a newer suburban home might not be right for a century old rowhome. The right green materials and design ideas will bring your house up to date while respecting its history.”

Kenny Grono | Buckminster Green

Beyond supporting small businesses, going local also enables you to choose climate-appropriate materials, making your home more energy-efficient overall. nt_reply_di