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Renovation Revolution

Renovation Revolution

Patience and Perseverance

by Alex Guthrie                                                                                                                             3/8/2019

As the project approaches completion and all the hard work starts to show it becomes harder and harder to remain patient. Sort of like a ball game when your team is ahead by 1 point but there’s still 2 minutes to play and the other guys have the ball. You just want to get it over with so you can declare victory and just move on with your life. It’s been a struggle, sometimes from the very start, and you are mentally and physically exhausted. Remodeling or building a house can and most often does this to the whole team. A remodeling project definitely takes on a life of it’s own and commands all of your time and attention. As I continue to say, houses are not built to remodel, so when you make even small changes to them structurally you never really know what you’re getting in to until the wall covering is gone and you can see inside the walls.

The first thing to know is that time and scope are totally related to the challenges presented to you when altering a perfectly good structure. If it’s old there’s reason; it was most likely built to last.
That’s the reality.

This is where the perseverance comes in, sticking it out until the last bit of dust is cleaned up.
My experience has taught me many lessons but there’s always that one common thread in a remodel, you’ve got to stick it out until the bitter end. You have to be patient and in touch with the workmen at all times, you have to be ready to change course at the last minute, be flexible and determined to persevere. Because, in the end, it’s the little things that make you crazy. A thousand trips to Home Depot, workmen that don’t show up, product delays, impatient banks. These and a hundred other things can go wrong at the last minute and usually do.

Remodeling is all about persevering, are you sick and tired of seeing your contractor? Well he probably feels the same way, you’ve both been through the pressure and challenges and you both feel like your shoes are a little too small and your hat a little too tight.

In the end you hope to come out with a winning project, exceeding your expectations and bringing you many years of enjoyment and comfort.

The greatest compliment I’ve received in a long time is an old client calling me up and telling me after 15 years they’re still happy with their house and happy with their decision to hire me. We had just as many challenges as anyone but we remained patient til the end.