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Preparing for the Storms

Preparing for the Storms

By Alex Guthrie                                                                                                                              3/8/2019

Believe it or not we are already entering the stormy season, here are some things to prepare for and tips to get ready.

Stock a closet with emergency items in case you have to wait for assistance.
Flashlight – store the batteries separately
1 or 2 gallon jugs of water
A small emergency medical kit
Extra meds
Energy bars
Spare shoes for everyone in the house – use old shoes instead of throwing them out.
Light weight rain ponchos – cheap and easy to store.
A wind up weather radio
Food for your animals.
A blanket.

Planning for your pets:
Animals get just as traumatized as we do and some of them worse. They don’t understand what just happened and they sense your emotions and fear. Make sure you have a leash for your dog. Collapsible water, doggy treats.

Preparing your home:
Secure patio furniture if you have time, it can become air born in a wind event.
Know where your gas meter is located and know how to turn it off.
Know where your water meter is and know how to turn it off.
Know where and how to turn your electricity off.

Preparing your family:
Have a plan and practice it. You should have an escape route planned out and everyone should know.
Remain calm and in control, it could save your life.
Keep your priorities straight – the most important thing is the safety of your loved ones. Houses can be replaced, lives cannot.
Have an emergency contact that you can call for shelter.

General rules of safety:
Be aware of live power lines that might be on the ground.
If you smell gas get out the area as soon and as safely as possible.
Tread carefully there are many object laying about that can puncture or cut you.
Check on your neighbors especially the elderly.